About Us

Kompass believes that education does not happen just in classroom but beyond it also. We actively and regularly take our students through

  • Guest Lectures by Industry Experts to help students make informed choices on their careers
  • Visits to Institutes which offer BBA, Law, Hotel Management, Social Sciences
  • Theme Day – a monthly, student-initiated activity where every student gets a platform to express himself or herself through Debates, Skits, Speeches, Song & Dance.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness – the day starts with a few moments dedicated to mental well-being of the students that leads to better concentration and ability to handles challenges that everyday life presents themselves

Classroom teaching with impactful delivery

  • Structured pedagogy – students are introduced to a concept in a methodical way before going into the depth of details, which helps them to absorb and retain the key concepts well
  • Weekly assignments – help students to get involved in the subject and understand it better
  • Audio-visual aids – faculty uses a multimedia approach for better engagement and delivery
  • Weekly assessments – are given to assess the learning of the students and take up necessary course-correction by the faculty

Kompass Junior College is a pioneer in its focus on providing a professional education for students of MEC and CEC at par with the best in the field. Students are given high quality education and prepared for successful careers in Law, Management, Social Sciences, Hospitality and Commerce.

Our Promise:

The aim at Kompass Junior College is to help students become well rounded individuals who can make sound career choices, communicate effectively and become leaders in their chosen field. Education at Kompass Junior College carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, thorough academic research based on rigorous pedagogy, and hands-on experience with real-world challenges. Students receive a world-class education through a veritable mix of great content, expert faculty and usage of technology for higher engagement and real-world application.

An Integrated Approach:

Today’s world is a fast changing one which presents myriad challenges and calls for an education process that is strengthsbased, counselling driven and has an integrated approach to preparing for careers. Kompass Junior College has introduced an Integrated Career Development Course (ICDC) which is a one-ofits-kind program launched for the first time in India for developing Plus 2 students who want to think beyond engineering and medicine.


ICDC combines high quality teaching for MEC and CEC by qualified faculty. The students are additionally prepared for entrance exams for law, management, social sciences and hospitality through coaching by expert faculty. Salient features of ICDC ensure the student do well not only in Inter but also go on to ace entrance exams and shine in their careers through developed life skills, essential for success in today’s world. 


Kompass Junior College uses a unique pedagogy of Immersive Learning through which students are not just prepared for the careers they choose based on their strengths, but also trained on essential life skills like leadership, collaboration, problem solving, decision making and communication skills through Immersive Learning. Immersive Learning is based on 4 pillars which allows students to explore, experiment and experience the change and evolve into more skilled beings based on their strengths. With the Immersive Learning approach, students have been found to be better engaged, ready to pick up skills faster leading to better outcomes. Immersive Learning creates a conducive atmosphere of learning through different techniques of theatre, debates, outbound activities, guest lectures by industry experts to name a few. 


IMMERSIVE LEARNING IS BASED ON 4 PILLARS Also, when it comes to the focus and dedication required for competitive exams like Law, BBA, etc. Kompass Junior College takes a comprehensive approach. Conventionally, students sign up for multiple coaching programs for different exams that they wish to write. Kompass Junior College prepares the students for all suitable exams so that they succeed without breaking into a sweat.

WHY SHOULD A STUDENT JOIN Kompass Junior College?

For students who choose MEC or CEC, there are a huge number of opportunities like Law, Management, Social Sciences and Hotel Management. Careers in these fields can be highly rewarding as well as match with their potential and skills.

The program brings an innovative approach to make students aware and prepare them for admission to reputed institutions like National Law School, NALSAR, IIM Indore and IIT Madras, Symbiosis, Christ University and NarseeMonjee through exams like UGAT, CLAT, SET, IPMAT to name a few.

Unique Pedagogy

The pedagogy of Kompass Junior College helps a student in building a strong foundation for a great career:

  1. Strengths-based approach: Using psychometrics, students are scientifically assessed for understanding their strengths and innate abilities.
  2. Counseling driven: Students are guided to take the right career steps and build professional skills. Students are regularly monitored to follow the set plan and mentored by relevant industry experts.
  3. Integrated approach: A continuum of school-based learning and life skills focused leading to a more holistic approach that is stress free and is based on all-round development
  4. Online practice tests: Battery of online mock tests and question banks for students to practice at their convenience to compete in online entrance exams
  5. Student Progress System (SPS): for access to details of progress for students and parents
  6. Personal Attention: Each session includes mandatory offline time for individual student queries and doubts
  7. Practical Learning: Through a mix of outbound activities, industry visits and guest lectures by corporate leaders, students develop life skill sessions not just for exams but for excelling in colleges & careers subsequently


Best CEC/MEC College in Hyderabad

For students who are not pursuing CEC/MEC at Kompass Junior College, there are also specialized coaching for entrance exams like CLAT, UGAT, TISS-BAT, IITM-HSEE etc. Taught by eminent faculty and backed by online content, students are bound to do well in these highly competitive exams.

Thrice-a-week sessions include coaching for exams as well as development of life skills with focus on leadership, collaboration, outbound activities, guest lectures and industry visits.